About Valedo

Together with ambitious entrepreneurs, management teams and co-owners Valedo grow companies and transform industries


Valedo is a growth-oriented active owner investing in small and mid-size companies primarily in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region with distinct growth and development potential. Valedo actively supports management teams in driving long-term value creation initiatives and strengthening companies’ market positions. Value creation is not only built on sales- and earnings growth, but also on investments in product development and focus on customer- and employee satisfaction. Valedo contributes with capital, competence, experience and passion to ensure that our companies reach their full potential.

An investment by Valedo provides increased opportunities for a company to make acquisitions, expand geographically, launch new products and services etc. All Valedo investments are made and developed independently, and each company is developed based on that company’s unique opportunities and prospects. Valedo has the intention to invest SEK two billion in Nordic companies over the coming three to five years.



Valedo’s name is derived from two Latin words, VALesco and crEDO. Valesco means to grow, to strengthen. Credo is the expression for belief or confidence in something. These two words combined, demonstrate what our philosophy represents. Valedo is built on the values and principles of: long-term focus, striving for continuous development and improvements, commitment, transparency and ethics.

It is Valedo’s conviction and philosophy that long-term value creation is primarily driven by growth. Hence an investment by Valedo is based on a multi-year development plan aimed at developing, securing and strengthening the company’s strategic position through growth. In order to successfully develop and grow a company long-term, it is vital with a close collaboration between management, board of directors and owners. Hence, we are partnership oriented and keen to invest in cooperation with former owners and always alongside the companies’ management and key employees, and are transparent regarding goals and strategies in the companies that we invest in.

Competence and experience

Valedo has significant experience of driving development and growth strategies. In order to more actively support our companies, we have a network of individuals with a broad operational experience from different industry- and service segments. These industrialists, with their industrial competence, experience and commitment, are active in both the evaluation of potential investments, but primarily as board members. In that capacity, these industrialists actively support the management teams in our companies.


Valedo focus on companies with significant growth and development ambitions, where the involvement of Valedo will provide further opportunities to build the company through add-on acquisitions, geographic expansion, development of new products and services, etc. We target mid-sized companies in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region with sales of SEK 100-500 million that are established and profitable with distinct and strong market positions within their respective segments.

Rapunzel of Sweden

Valedo’s shareholders and corporate structure

Valedo’s shareholders are Valedo’s employees, board of directors, a number of entrepreneurs, charities and endowment funds, pension funds and financial institutions. Valedo I (established in 2006), Valedo II (established in 2011), and Valedo III (established in 2016) are Swedish private limited liability companies (Aktiebolag) and hence regulated by the Swedish Companies Act (Aktiebolagslagen). Valedo I, Valedo II and Valedo III are based, and decisions are made, in Stockholm, Sweden.