Cambio Healthcare Systems is acquired by its founders, key staff and Valedo

The Company’s founders, key staff and Valedo Partners Fund II AB (“Valedo”) has reached an agreement to acquire Cambio Healthcare Systems AB (“Cambio” or the “Company”), the leading Swedish provider of healthcare information and management systems. The divesting shareholders are a group of venture investors. With Valedo as a new co-owner, Cambio will have additional resources, in the form of competence and capital, to further drive growth and continue to make long-term investments in developing its product- and service offering as the healthcare markets requires increasingly advanced and cost-efficient IT-solutions.

Since its foundation in 1993, Cambio has been instrumental in driving the development of the Nordic Electronic Health Records (“EHR”) software market and is today a leading Swedish provider of healthcare and EHR systems for acute and university hospitals, primary care clinics and specialist units in Sweden, Denmark and the UK, with more than 85 000 users. Based on an open modular Java-based technical platform, Cambio can offer a phased implementation i.e. a gradual replacement of legacy systems providing cost-efficient implementations with minimised disturbances in daily operations. The systems offer a comprehensive range of e-health applications for PAS (Patient Administration Systems), clinical care support and departmental systems such as emergency, birth etc. Cambio’s system offers benefits such as improved quality of, and more efficient medical services, shorter lead times in healthcare processes, greater patient participation as well as lower operational and maintenance costs. The market for healthcare information and management systems is growing due to the applications’ ability to manage the increasing healthcare volumes, contain rising healthcare costs, but also because they can improve patient safety and the quality of care patients receive. Cambio is at the forefront of delivering innovative, flexible and cost-efficient IT-solutions such as mobile applications and touch screens (where medical doctors can use a portable tablet computer to keep track of patient data, treatments etc.). Today, the Company has sales of approximately SEK 200 million and ~300 employees in Stockholm, Linköping, Reading (UK) and Colombo (Sri Lanka).

”The global healthcare market is facing significant challenges as care volumes are growing steadily, quality of care needs to continuously improve, at the same time as governments need to address and even reverse rising healthcare costs. Cambio can, with its modern, innovative and cost-efficient EHR systems, play an important part in helping and supporting care providers address these challenges. We are very grateful for the early and vital support from our venture investors, but given Cambio’s strong development in the last few years and our current position, it is the appropriate time to welcome a new co-owner with significant experience relevant for our next development phase. With additional support and capital from Valedo, we are very excited about the future opportunities for the Company.” says Tomas Mora-Morrison, founder and CEO of Cambio.

The transaction is subject to certain approvals and conditions and terms are not disclosed.

For further information on Cambio, please contact: Tomas Mora-Morrison, CEO,
+46 8-691 49 00
For further information on Valedo, please contact Valedo’s media contact: Hanna Gustafsson, Brunswick Group
+46 8-410 32 186


About Valedo:
Valedo is an independent Swedish private equity group investing in high-quality small/mid cap companies in the Nordic region. Valedo is focusing on companies with clear growth and development potential where Valedo can actively contribute to and accelerate the companies’ development. Being an active owner and contributing both capital and industrial experience, Valedo ensures that a company can achieve its full potential.

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