EQT invests in Evidensia

EQT VI Limited (”EQT”) has reached an agreement to invest in Evidensia Djursjukvård (”Evidensia”), the leading companion pet care chain in Northern Europe, and acquires the majority holding from Valedo Partners Fund II AB (”Valedo”). Most of the other shareholders of Evidensia, consisting of key staff and the two foundations, Stiftelsen Strömsholm Djursjukvård and Stiftelsen Svensk Djursjukvård, will remain shareholders alongside EQT. Since the foundation in 2012, Evidensia has grown by more than 400% and with further resources and competence from EQT, Evidensia will be able to continue its rapid expansion and development.

Evidensia Djursjukvård was created in 2012 when a few of the largest and oldest companion pet hospitals in Sweden merged with a common vision to develop and improve the care for companion pets to benefit the pets, their owners as well as Evidensia’s staff. Evidensia has since its foundation actively consolidated and strived to professionalize the companion pet care industry and is today the leading companion pet clinic chain in Northern Europe, with more than 90 units in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Furthermore, significant resources have been used to develop veterinary medicine in the Nordic region as well as improve the quality of care, and by establishing Evidensia Academy in 2013, Evidensia offers training and development courses to the entire industry. Evidensia has more than 1,500 employees treating 700,000 patients each year.

“Evidensia has since its foundation in 2012 developed and grown significantly and we are very proud to have created the leading quality-oriented pet care group in Northern Europe. But we have only started the journey towards our vision, and we still have a very ambitious strategy to grow and develop companion pet care in Europe. With additional resources and support from EQT, we are enthusiastic and positive about the future and our continued development.” says Anders Thunberg, CEO, Evidensia Djursjukvård AB.

“Foundation Strömsholm Djursjukvård and Foundation Svensk Djursjukvård have through their companion pet hospitals in Strömsholm, Helsingborg and Malmö actively built and developed pet care in Sweden since the start in the 1950’s and have had a clear vision to offer the best possible care for our companion pets and horses. When Evidensia was founded in 2012 we could develop this vision further to the rest of the Nordics, and we are very proud of what has been accomplished and the position Evidensia today has in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. We would like to thank Valedo for their contribution during the last few years, and we welcome EQT as a new majority owner. We look forward to the cooperation with the new majority owner and are convinced that the Foundations, by implementing our charter purposes, will have a continued important role also for Evidensia.”says Leif Eriksson and Nils Gyllenkrok, representing Foundation Strömsholm Djursjukvård and Foundation Svensk Djursjukvård respectively, in a joint statement.

The terms and conditions of the transaction, which is subject to regulatory approvals, are not disclosed.

Media contacts for Valedo:
Hanna Gustafsson, Brunswick Group
+46 709 16 68 66

Media contacts for EQT:
Johan Hähnel,
EQT VI Spokesperson
+46 706 05 63 34

Media contacts for Evidensia:
Anders Thunberg, CEO
+46 706 20 75 60


About Valedo:
Valedo is an independent Swedish private equity group investing in high-quality small/mid cap companies in the Nordic region. Valedo is focusing on companies with clear growth and development potential where Valedo can actively contribute to and accelerate the companies’ development. Being an active owner and contributing both capital and industrial experience, Valedo ensures that a company can achieve its full potential.

About Evidensia:
Evidensia is the largest and leading companion pet care group in Northern Europe with a complete offering of base and specialist care for dogs, cats, horses and exotic pets. Evidensia has approximately 90 pet hospitals in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. With a staff of ~1,500, the group treats 700,000 patients each year.

About EQT:
EQT is the leading private equity group in Northern Europe, with portfolio companies in Northern and Eastern Europe, Asia and the US with total sales of more than EUR 25 billion and over 500,000 employees. EQT works with portfolio companies to achieve sustainable growth, operational excellence and market leadership.

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