Polaris acquires Akademikliniken

Polaris Private Equity IV K/S (”Polaris”) has agreed to acquire the majority holding in Akademikliniken, the Nordic leader in plastic surgery and aesthetic treatment, from Valedo Partners Fund I AB (”Valedo”). The majority of the other shareholders of Akademikliniken, comprising key employees and founders, remain significant shareholders alongside Polaris. Since Valedo’s investment in 2011 Akademikliniken has grown sales and profitability significantly, and with further resources and expertise from Polaris, Akademikliniken will able to continue its development and expansion.

Akademikliniken, founded in 1991, operates four major hospitals in Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg and Malmö for surgical procedures and twelve walk-in clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and Tønsberg where it offers non-surgical treatments such as injection -, and laser treatments as well as a consultation office in Copenhagen. Over the past five years Akademikliniken successfully implemented several growth initiatives, including the establishment of three new hospitals and walk-in clinics and the completion of two strategic acquisitions of Specialistkliniken – the market leading plastic surgery actor in Gothenburg, and Ellipse Klinikken – a player focusing on non-surgical treatments with seven walk-in clinics in Norway and Sweden. Since Valedo’s investment, sales and operating income before depreciation and amortisation increased from SEK 225 million and SEK 16 million in 2011 to SEK 363 million and SEK 51 million in 2015. Akademikliniken has more than 300 employees and performs more than 50,000 procedures per year.

“I am proud of what Akademikliniken has accomplished over the last years. Akademikliniken has grown significantly since 2011 and we are proud to have created the market leader in the Nordic region with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and market leadership in research and service offering. We have just begun the journey towards our vision and we have an ambitious plan for growth and development of the company going forward. We have appreciated the cooperation with Valedo and with further resources and support from Polaris, we are enthusiastic about the future opportunities and our continued development in line with what we have done historically.” says Magnus Jansson, CEO, Akademikliniken.

The terms and conditions of the transaction, which is subject to regulatory approvals, are not disclosed.

Media contacts for Valedo:
Hanna Bilir, Brunswick Group
+46 (0)709 16 68 66
Media contacts for Akademikliniken:
Magnus Jansson, VD,
Akademikliniken +46 (0)707 58 10 99


Media contacts for Polaris:
Jan Dahlqvist, Partner
+46 (0) 708 17 60 60


About Valedo:
Valedo is an independent Swedish private equity group investing in high-quality small/mid cap companies in the Nordic region. Valedo is focusing on companies with clear growth and development potential where Valedo can actively contribute to and accelerate the companies’ development. Being an active owner and contributing both capital and industrial experience, Valedo ensures that a company can achieve its full potential

About Akademikliniken:
Akademikliniken is the Nordic market leader in the plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments with its sixteen hospitals and walk-in clinics in Sweden and Norway. Akademikliniken performs more than 50,000 procedures each year and has more than 300 employees.

About Polaris:
Polaris, founded in 1999, is a private equity firm investing in medium-sized companies in Denmark and Sweden with a typical turnover of EUR 25-200 million. Polaris currently has more than EUR 1 billion under management. To date, Polaris has invested in 34 companies, of which 19 exited, and has completed more than 50 add-on investments in its portfolio companies.

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