Cambio Healthcare Systems

Investment: 2012
Status: Exited
Sector: Electronic health records systems


The Nordics’ leading supplier of E-health solutions

Since Valedo invested in Cambio in 2012, the company has transformed into a leading regional European supplier of e-health solutions. During Valedo’s ownership period, Cambio has focused on increasing new customer sales, strengthening the collaboration with existing customers as well as intensifying software development and innovation capabilities.


Cambio Healthcare Systems AB (”Cambio”) was founded in 1993 by Tomas Mora-Morrison and Håkan Mattsson with a vision of creating a future-proofed healthcare information system which enabled efficient information sharing between healthcare providers. In 2012, Valedo invested in Cambio with an ambition of accelerated growth and development. Tomas Mora-Morrison and Håkan Mattsson reinvested in Cambio in partnership with Valedo and hence remained as significant minority shareholders together with the board of directors and the company’s management.

What has been accomplished

During Valedo’s ownership, Cambio has developed into a regionally leading supplier of e-health solutions. The company has focused on structuring its business model in order to achieve increased customer value while the collaboration with the company’s customers has been strengthened. These efforts combined with an increased software development output have enabled Cambio to offer e-health solutions with world leading functionality utilized for increased quality of care as well as healthcare provider productivity. Two strategically important acquisitions have established Cambio on the Swedish market for social care information systems as well as strengthened the company’s presence in the United Kingdom. The average annual growth rate of the company during Valedo’s ownership was 17%.

Initiatives during Valedo’s ownership

A number of initiatives were implemented during Valedo’s ownership in order to establish a leading supplier of e-health solutions:

  • Increased focus on new customer sales, resulting in a strengthened market position in Sweden and the United Kingdom
  • Structuring of the company’s business model in order to generate increased customer value
  • Strengthened collaboration with existing customers, resulting in Cambio’s Swedish EHR customers committing to a five years investment programme
  • Two strategically important add-on acquisitions
    • ILAB – a leading Swedish provider of social care information systems
    • Cayder – a British provider of patient flow management solutions
  • Initiated implementation of ”DevOps” as well as agile working methodologies for the company’s software development function
  • Launched of a number of highly innovative software solutions including a unique EHR agnostic clinical decision support solution
  • Introduction of world leading mobility solutions as well as solutions for patient centred care to the company’s EHR customers
  • The owners have not taken any dividends and instead invested substantial amounts in the business
  • Key personnel have been offered to invest in Cambio in order to create a common agenda with the owners

Divestment of Cambio

Upon achieving strong sales growth as well as meeting the targets set up at the time of Valedo’s investment in 2012, Cambio was considered to be ready for the next step of the company’s development. Therefore a sales process was initiated in the fall of 2018 and discussions where held with several parties expressing an interest in acquiring Cambio. The result was that Cambio, in February 2019, was divested to Investcorp, a leading global manager of alternative investments. Tomas Mora-Morrison and Håkan Mattsson as well as the management team reinvested in Cambio in partnership with Investcorp and hence remained as significant minority shareholders.

Investcorp Acquires Cambio Healthcare Systems

Investcorp has reached an agreement to acquire Cambio Healthcare Systems AB (“Cambio” or “the Company”) from Valedo Partners Fund II AB (“Valedo”) and a group of minority investors, primarily Cambio’s two founders, Tomas Mora-Morrison and Håkan Mattsson. Valedo invested in Cambio in 2012 and has, together with the Company’s management team and employees, transformed and

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Cambio Healthcare Systems is acquired by its founders, key staff and Valedo

The Company’s founders, key staff and Valedo Partners Fund II AB (“Valedo”) has reached an agreement to acquire Cambio Healthcare Systems AB (“Cambio” or the “Company”), the leading Swedish provider of healthcare information and management systems. The divesting shareholders are a group of venture investors. With Valedo as a new co-owner, Cambio will have additional

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