SSPG changes name to INOM

On October 21, 2010, Svenska Specialistpsykiatrigruppen (SSPG) changed name to INOM Innovativ Omsorg i Norden AB – The new name better reflects our vision and operations, says Ulrika Östlund, CEO.

INOM offers specialized psychiatric care and behavioral treatment in Sweden. INOM consists of ten successful Swedish companies who have joined the Group in order to realize synergies in quality control of methodologies and sharing of competences. The Group’s aim is to continue the expansion further and grow in the Nordic region, while at the same time setting new quality standards for the industry:

– Our new name is only a first step in an important transformation. INOM will challenge the psychiatric care and behavioral treatment industry in Sweden by focusing on high quality standards and increase clients’ and their relatives’ trust in the care provided. They should have comfort that our clients will receive individually tailored treatment and care that actually works and renders positive results, says Ulrika Östlund, CEO.

The high quality standards will be assured through a combination of using proven and successful methodologies and sharing practical experiences within INOM’s different units, while also cooperating with academic research projects, through the newly started INOM Academy.

INOM is organized in two business areas, Children & Youth, and Adults, and is represented throughout Sweden. INOM has a distinguished heritage with many units having been active in specialized psychiatric care and treating complex diagnoses since the beginning of the 1970’s, and our operations within psychosocial treatment, for children and youth, is leading in Sweden.

INOM has approximately 650 employees and is owned by a number of key employees active in the operations, and Valedo, a Swedish investment fund.

CEO: Ulrika Östlund,, +46 70-344 32 34
COO: Tina Dahl,, +46 70-662 63 39
Head office and placements, +46 771-10 10 50

About INOM:
INOM offers full responsibility evidence- and knowledge-based investigation, treatment, care, rehabilitation, transition and aftercare services to children, youth and adults with psychiatric, psychosocial and neuropsychiatric disabilities and challenges. All INOM’s operations have a strong focus on quality of care in all parts of its operations with the needs and requirements of the individual patients as an essential theme. The Group consists of the following operating companies:

Children & Youth: Familjeforum, Sociala Tjänster, Cornelia & Felicia, Södertörns familjevård and Tibble Gård

Adults: Björkviksgruppen, Partnergruppen, Neuropsyk i Bollnäs and Eken Utsluss

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