Valedo divests INOM to Humana

Valedo Partners Fund I AB (“Valedo”) has signed an agreement to divest INOM – Innovativ Omsorg i Norden AB (“INOM”), the leading Nordic full-responsibility psychiatric care group, to Humana, the leading Swedish provider of care to functionally disabled.

INOM was created in 2009 when Valedo made the initial platform-investment with a vision to create the leading Nordic full-responsibility psychiatric care group. Over the last five years, INOM has grown by approximately nine times through organic growth initiatives and add-on acquisitions, and today offers a complete and unique service offering within advanced psychiatric care and psychosocial treatments to children, teenagers, adults and elderly. Synergy effects and knowledge sharing have allowed for improved quality standards, treatment methods and competence development of staff. These measures have resulted in INOM today being the leading quality-focused, full-responsibility, psychiatric care provider in the Nordic region.

The terms and conditions of the transaction, which is subject to regulatory approvals, are not disclosed.

Media contacts for Valedo:
Hanna Gustafsson, Brunswick Group
+46 709 16 68 66
Media contacts for INOM:
Rasmus Nerman, CEO
+46 708 28 1860


About Valedo:
Valedo is an independent Swedish private equity group investing in high-quality small/mid cap companies in the Nordic region. Valedo is focusing on companies with clear growth and development potential where Valedo can actively contribute to and accelerate the companies’ development. Being an active owner and contributing both capital and industrial experience, Valedo ensures that a company can achieve its full potential.

About INOM:
INOM is the leading focused full-responsibility psychiatric care group in the Nordic region. The Group offers quality-focused specialist psychiatric care and psychosocial treatments to children, teenagers and adults and the vision is to create a new, higher standard within this field with more treatments and procedures that are evidence-based and of high quality in every aspect throughout a patient’s life. Headquartered in Stockholm, INOM has approximately 1 200 employees, servicing approximately 1 000 clients in Sweden and Norway.

About Humana:
Humana is the largest provider in Sweden of care to functionally disabled offering personal assistance services and living accommodation according to LSS (Sw. Lagen om stöd och service till vissa funktionshindrade), psychiatric care and schooling to children and teenagers with disabilities, as well as elderly care. Humana has 10 000 employees and is headquartered in Stockholm.

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